Super fast tour publisher

We think the title says it all but we thought we’d make a quick video to prove it!

Tour Publisher is an exciting new feature which considerably speeds up the virtual tour publishing process.

Naming, uploading and submitting your virtual tours and scenes has been significantly streamlined using this new feature. Incorporated into the ‘super fast tour publisher’ is our ‘super fast photo upload’ process, which in itself makes the upload process significantly faster by resizing photos in the background before you even click on the upload button.

Once completed, your tour is added to your existing portfolio of tours, and can be managed in the normal way.

Please note this new feature does not yet work in Internet Explorer. Microsoft are unfortunately still a little way behind in the ‘browser wars’ and it’s not possible to implement just now. We will of course roll it out for Internet Explorer when Microsoft have played catch up. Please consider upgrading to Google Chrome in order to gain the benefits of this new feature, we know you’ll find it worthwhile.

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Do you have the new iPhone 5 or 4S?

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S then you already have the perfect camera to use with our virtual tour software.

iPhone Panorama ModeYou may not know but the new iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S running iOS6 has a panoramic photo mode which is fully compatible with our virtual tour software. We can confirm that the new panorama mode performs exceptionally well for both  internal and external property scenes.

To use this feature open the camera app on your iPhone, click on ‘Options’ and then ‘Panorama’. Simply follow the onscreen help and pan your camera from left to right.

Tip: If you want to pan from right to left instead simply click on the white arrow on the screen.

Your iPhone also includes some built-in basic image editing features so you can make some image adjustments to your finished panorama, specifically ‘cropping’ to remove any excess scene and also ‘auto-enhance’ which can improve the brightness and colors. More information on these can be found here.

Of course there are a lot of photo editing apps available for the iPhone if you feel like making additional enhancements..

As part of iOS6 you also have the option to share panoramas using a shared photo stream. This could allow a co-worker to gain access to your panoramic images and generate the virtual tour without you even needing to return to the office!

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